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Skin Consultation

You don't know what facial would be

the one you like? No problem at all!

With help of the skin scanning technology,

you can see and understand your skin clearly.

After all, our knowledgeable esthetician can help

finding out  the most suitable facial for you,

or recommend some products to improve your skin. 

Relaxing Facial

If your main focus is relaxing and maintenance

of your skin, this facial is the best for you!

  This facial includes neck, shoulder, hand, and arm massage.

* The product line for this treatment is "Osmosis Beauty",

Pure, Non-toxic, Oncology friendly, and

Holistic Dr. developed line.

Custom Facial


Hydro O2 Facial

As one of our most popular treatment,

Hydro O2 Facial has helped countless clients

feel more confident and happier in their own skin.

Skin will be power washed, and followed by special serum with pure oxygen application. Your skin

will be smooth, hydrated, and plumped! 

The product line for this treatment is "Hydropeptide", Anti-aging, and epigenetic skincare line. 

Face-lift Facial

"Aging beautifully" is your goal?

Perhaps, you may start seeing some sign of aging?

Don't worry, we're here for you!

With use of skin firming devices, your skin will be

gently stimulated and tightened. 

* Due to the usage of the device, this service is

not recommended for the guest who has metal implants.

This service is highly recommended in

Multiple Treatments to create facial muscle memory.

Using our state-of-art products and technology,

this facial will exceeds your expectations!

This facial is highly customizable, so that every guest can have uniquely tailored facial treatment without compromise.

* Add-on service may be recommended

depends on the guest's needs.

Seasonal Facial

Promotional facial that brings you the seasonal touch. Details of the treatment, the price,

and the availability may be vary.  

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